My second woman lover come years later, I just never has the
guts to push it myself! I had a friend, divorced, about ten
years older, who used to live in the neighborhood and whom I
visited quite often. She also visited me, somehow usually when I
was alone at home. Very feminine brunette, a bit plump, flashy,
not fat, just little extra padding on hips and tights. I used to
like her figure very much...

After work I would end up at her place for a cup of coffee and
chat. She would be tired from work, her feet swollen after a day
on heels, she would take her shoes off and move her toes
complaining about swollen feet and naturally I offered her a
foot massage.  I would take her heel and lay her foot onto my
lap, lay my other hand along her sweaty foot and gently press
and then start to massage her toes in nylons.  Sometimes,
sitting opposed to her, I'd have a glimpse of her panties inside
the darkness under her skirt. My face would blush red,
frightened not be seen peaking under her skirt.

In time I realized I actually enjoy touching her sweaty feet in
nylons, there's something sexual in that and somehow accepted
the fact that she turns me on, something I would never dare
confessing to her. There was no need to, as I was going to
discover. At the meantime, those foot massages become almost a
friendly ritual.

And so, once... I was massaging her feet, she obviously enjoyed
it, with her eyes closed, changing her position on the sofa from
time to time. I was looking at her legs, feeling my nipples
getting harder under my blouse, when she moved a little once
again -- enough for me to notice the whiteness of her flesh above
her black hold-ups and something that made me almost jump: she
had no panties underneath her skirt! I had a clear glimpse of
her lush pubic hair in the darkness.........
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